Architectural project management

One of the most important processes during the design, construction, and finishing of a building remains the management of the architectural project.

You can fully trust the specialists of the construction and investment company “BUILDING GROUP” Ltd. for accuracy, correctness, and execution of all stages of construction on time, because as experts in the management of architectural projects they will:

·         follow the established standards in the design and keep up the progress of the architectural project over time

·         will assist with the financial plan for the management of all stages of the process of planning, construction, and finalization of the architectural plan

·         will be responsible for the quality of the selected materials

·         will monitor the implementation of deadlines, submission, and retrieval of the necessary documents and permits on time and will assist with the documentary part of the project of your dream building

·         will assist you in the field of legal issues in concluding contracts and in connection with regulations and legal provisions

·         will do a financial analysis and audit of the project for you

·         will inform you about the investment risk in connection with the construction if anyOur specialists in the field of architectural project management will be your guide in the construction world. Contact us for a consultation and see our already implemented projects here.

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