The team of construction and investment company “BUILDING GROUP” Ltd. has many years of experience in preparing architectural projects of all types and kinds. Our specialists work precisely, quickly, and efficiently, in a team, coordinating with the client every aspect of the project.

We provide a full range of consulting and planning services for the upcoming construction of residential, administrative, or public buildings. Moreover, in addition to the range of services, we also provide an opportunity for project management. We are known on the market for offering innovative solutions and applying the most modern and proven technologies in construction – without compromising on materials and quality of work!

The process of constructing a building includes dozens of steps – preliminary geodetic surveys, site assessment, study, and application of regulations. The team of architects, designers, and construction specialists of BUILDING GROUP Ltd. will assist in every part of this process: from the first inspections of the construction plot to the final interior touches.


The initial stage of the architectural project:

–       conducting a preliminary structural study

–       analysis of the plot according to the current development rules, the current legislation, and the construction schemes in the respective area

–       preparation of conceptual, technical, and work architectural projects, as well as 3D visualizations, on which we work with professional, proven architects, designers, and many more

During construction:

–          assistance in issuing a design visa

–          assistance for issuing permits for construction and design of water supply and sewerage, electrical installations, and issuing acts for completed stages of construction

–          work ethic according to the latest requirements for construction with high-quality materials, following a pre-set time plan and accuracy of execution, etc.

–          architectural project planning and management services – deadlines, materials, schedule, management, etc.

Stage of interior design and public works:

–          preparation of a professional project for landscaping and improvement of the building, inspired by the latest global trends for improvement and friendliness of the urban environment

–          compilation and implementation of a plan for interior design with details and a 3D project according to the interior and style of the building and the needs of the occupants in sync to its architectural purpose: home, office, public building, garage, etc.

–          legal advice on sidewalk law, billboards, advertising spaces, and other facilities on or near the building

–          development strategy and investment concept, as well as a return of investment plan


Our construction philosophy: we always use high-quality materials and do not compromise with the quality and design of our architectural projects!

Each building brought up by the construction and investment company “BUILDING GROUP” Ltd. is consistent with the trends and laws of modern construction, but also with the urban environment in which it will fit. We believe that this is a natural and extremely important principle in modern urban areas and only in this way can harmony and style be achieved. We successfully combine them with the principles that we apply continuously in our work on environmental friendliness and uncompromising quality – a guarantee of sustainability over time in every aspect: construction, design, quality.

Trust our experience – see our completed projects here.

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