Residential building Aria House is built in “Gorna banya” neighborhood, famous with its mineral springs and the cleanest air in Sofia city. The expanded area is 1339.39 sq. meters. There is a bus stop of line 260 which is just 10 meters away of the building, 750 meters away is the subway station “Gorna banya”. It is close to the southern arc of the Sofia ring road. The building provides a park environment for all residents with a separate yard area, with 3 residential and 1 underground level. It has 8 apartments, 13 underground garages and 1 parking space. An additional storage area (basement) is provided for each apartment. The apartments located on the ground level have a richly landscaped yard for individual use. For the residents of the remaining two levels, a yard area has been allocated for common use.

The facade is ventilated, with a heat-insulating layer of stone wool and finishing coatings of wood, ceramic and aluminum composite panel, so as to provide maximum protection of the premises from cooling in winter and overheating in summer. The ventilated facade provides an additional air layer that allows the outer walls to “breathe”.

The joinery has an aluminum profile and three-layer glazing with a UV filter – Reynaers CP 130LS monorail and Reynaers Master Line 8. The location of the windows is in accordance with the geographical directions. The railings are entirely made of glass, with a profile for built-in installation, so that the visual barrier between the premises and the environment is imperceptible.

The heating solution of the apartments for the winter is based on water floor heating with an individual gas heat source.

All facilities providing the climatic comfort of the building – gas boilers, external units of air conditioners and others, are located in places far from daily access – common parts and roof.

The plumbing installations are completed with a system – “silent pipes”.

The internal partition walls are filled with ceramic elements, and those between the individual apartments are a “sandwich” of two bricks of different thickness, stone wool and a sound insulation membrane. Such a membrane is laid on the floors before screed, creating a so-called “floating floor”.

ARIA HOUSE has access control on all levels, both in the building and in the yard.

The video intercom system provides possibility for remote access control via smartphone application.

All apartment doors are armored, with several levels of locking. There is video surveillance and security wiring of all objects and common areas. “KONE” luxury 8-seater elevator is installed.

ARIA HOUSE has been built for a period of two years and now has a Certificate of Commissioning – Act 16.

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